Dear Applicants and Committee Members,


The mission of the National, Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH) is to give momentum to the scientific excellence and promising workshops of Hungarian research and innovation with valuable research programs as a dedicated supporter of basic and applied research and innovation, enjoying public trust. The function of NKFIH is to organize a transparent decision-making process with the best experts in the call programs and to provide accountable and balanced funding for research, development, and innovation programs.


In order to achieve these aims, NKFIH builds on the excellent representatives of Hungarian science in evaluating its call programs. During the process, the scientific councils (established by the law on research, development, and innovation) have the right to formulate recommendations on funding, with the contribution of expert groups (former review panels); decision-making is prepared by the representatives of the scientific councils.


I inform you that the new structure of the councils will be the following: Council of Social Sciences and Humanities, Council of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Council of Biology and Medical Sciences, Council of Agricultural, Ecological, Environmental, and Geosciences.


This implies that the disciplines of the three agricultural, the two geological, and the supraindividual biological fields will belong to this new council. It is important that the panels do not change any more than they have during OTKA’s earlier rotation practice, except for panels AGR1, AGR2, AGR3, FT1, FT2, and SUPRA which will be taken over by the new council along with their proposals and projects. Evaluation and decision-making regarding the 2015 proposals will already take place in this new structure of councils.



February 2, 2015

                                                                                                                                    József Pálinkás

                                                                                                                                  President of NKFIH

From January 1, 2015, the OTKA research proposals program will function as part of the National Research, Development and Innovation (NKFI) Fund as thematic research proposal support program.


Declaration of the president of NKFIH:


"Dear Colleagues,


Based on law 2014 LXXVI on scientific research, development, and innovation, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH) begins its activities effective January 1, 2015. From this date, the duties regarding the thematic research proposals will be carried out by the organizational unit of NKFIH, established with the view of the internal operational principles of the OTKA Office. In developing the new organizational and functional model, it has been important to avoid the increase of administrative burdens on applicants and experts participating in the evaluation process.


Accordingly, in the preliminary phase of NKFIH’s activities, the administration of running projects is of crucial importance. The OTKA Board launched the call already in December 2014, but NKFIH will administer the submission and evaluation of the thematic research proposals and the postdoctoral proposals, with the NKFIH staff providing continuous and up-to-date assistance to all those interested.


The authorities and the staff of the office are committed to maintain the continuity of the application and evaluation procedures in a professional, fast, and smooth way for the applicants and everyone concerned during the evaluation. In the coming days, the website of the office will be updated regularly according to the legal changes and the new organizational structure, publishing all relevant information on time; this will not affect the electronic proposal system which will remain accessible in its previous form.


Thanking your cooperation, support, and patience in advance,


                                                                                                                                   József Pálinkás

                                                                                                                                President of NKFIH"

The Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) Board

 announces a call for proposals in basic research



 Call for proposals


 22 October, 2014

Announcement on Passing the Law “On Scientific Research, Development, and Innovation”


The Hungarian Parliament passed Law T/1768 “On Scientific Research, Development, and Innovation” on November 25, 2014, terminating the OTKA Office with legal successor and overruling the previous OTKA law as of December 31, 2014. Given this legal regulation, the OTKA programs, the administration of the running projects, and the new calls for proposals will be handled by the National Office for Research, Development, and Innovation




The text of the new law is available here: http://www.kozlonyok.hu/


25 November, 2014


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  Memorandum of Understanding between the NRF of Korea and OTKA


Following an extensive period of preparations, the presidents of the National Research Foundation of the Republic of Korea (NRF) and the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) signed a memorandum of understanding in Budapest on November 13, 2014: the two funding agencies commit themselves to engage in cooperative activities in general and in establishing a joint funding scheme in particular. The drafting of a joint call for proposals to be evaluated in a lead agency method is underway – making the already existing bilateral lead agency call of FWF of Austria and OTKA a trilateral call of NRF, FWF, and OTKA. Further details will be made public as soon as they become available.


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  International Evaluation of the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA)


Based on an agreement of 2013, the European Science Foundation (ESF) carried out the evaluation of OTKA and posted its report on its website (http://www.esf.org/publications/corporate-publications.html) – as it did after the evaluation of the Research Council of Lithuania and the Slovenian Research Agency. OTKA’s international evaluation has been preceded by a long process of development. In order to effectively carry out a constant task of more than 25 years (supporting internationally competitive basic research projects in an open call system), OTKA introduced English as the language of proposals and strict rules on conflicts of interest in the peer review process. The number of foreign referees has gradually increased; international review panels, consisting of foreign experts, have been established.  The OTKA Board decided to order the evaluation in 2012 (OTKA Strategy). This evaluation has the overall goal of identifying strengths and recommendations for further improvement related to OTKA governance and management structures.


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